Mark has been cast as Sir Andrew Aguecheek in Twelfth Night!

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This is Illyria, folks! Our heroine is shipwrecked. Her brother presumably drowned. Disguising herself as a boy she joins Duke Orsino’s court. And is sent as his emissary to the Countess Olivia, who’s mourning the death of her brother. Olivia falls for the youth. Mistaken identity, gender confusion, a mordant clown, a pompous major domo, whackadoodle relatives (Sir Toby)—a great deal of fun!


Nick Coelius as Duke Orsino

Eva Beebe as Curio/Officer

Sydney Nicole Newman as Viola

Aaron Merken as Sea Captain/Priest

Ross G as Sir Toby

Lizzie McDowell as Maria

Mark Fields Davidson as Sir Andrew

Jeffrey Karl DeWitt as Feste

Rosie Mandel as Olivia

Phil Bartolf as Malvolio

Izzy Montone as Antonio

Raymond Wilson as Sebastian

Michael G Coleman as Fabian

Pearl Spring Voss as Servant/Officer/Various

Directed by Sabrina Ann

Assistant Directed/Choreographed by Marc Antonio Pritchett

Co-Produced by Martha Hunter & Sherman Wayne

Stage Managed by Joshua Harper