“…at breakneck speed are nearly one-hundred costume changes…in the blink of an eye.”

From Broadway World (broadwayworld.com):

“The 39 Steps, a suspenseful-romantic-comedy, based on the 1935 movie by Alfred Hitchcock, opens the Mainstage Season on Saturday, Sept. 27. Four actors play over 100 characters in this Tony-winner that kept Broadway rollicking for the past three years. It is part juicy spy novel, part Monty Python, and it preserves the brilliance originally created by the master of suspense.

Jeremy Bear plays our suave hero Richard Hannay who learns from a beautiful spy about a plot of international espionage. The woman is killed in Hannay’s flat and he suddenly finds himself caught up in a race from London to Scotland in hopes of stopping military secrets from being smuggled out of the country. As he searches for the secret of “The 39 Steps” he is doggedly pursued by the police who believe he is a murderer. Three of the female roles will be played by Madeleine Heil while the remaining multitude of characters (spies, policemen, inn keepers, traveling salesmen, etc.) are played by just two actors credited as clown #1 (Mark Davidson) and clown #2 (Michael Chiboucas)…

…Also occurring at breakneck speed are nearly one-hundred costume changes, which often happen right before the audience in the blink of an eye…”

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Mark Davidson

Los Angeles, CA, United States